Multinational, present in 16 European countries, China, Canada, United States of America, Brazil and Argentina, is in Portugal since 1996, year when opened its first store, specialized in stationery, furniture, office supplies and computing.

With an actual park of 30 stores, Staples proceeded to the restructuring of its supply chain, in order to increase customer service level, promote efficiency gains throughout the whole chain, increase flexibility and logistic capacity respond to constant challenges placed by a market, more and more demanding.

Staples choose WPMS as its warehouse management system, because it considered it to be the more suitable instrument, not only to improve significantly service level paid to its stores park, but also to support Internet sales development, with home deliveries. The great WPMS’s configuration flexibility allows to implement completely distinct processes, in order to respond to the diversified needs of each customers’ group and products range.

In the beginning of May 2007, it started functioning the new national distribution centre, located in Azambuja, where IS.Retail WMPS is the warehouse management software responsible for all merchandise movement and tasks automatic attribution to the operators, resourcing to radio frequency technology.

For Staples the implementation of a warehouse management system such as the WPMS is a fundamental piece, to increase global performance of the supply chain, namely to take advantage of the best results possible in scale economies, to put customer service level in a higher landing and introduce strictness and control over the whole logistic circuit.

The use of IS.Retail warehouse management software has enabled Staples Portugal to be at Logistics and Supply Chain performance forefront, compared with the other countries where it operates.