Frissul, one of the biggest refrigeration logistic operators in Portugal, choose the WPMS warehouse management software, from IS.Retail company, as the right work tool to carry the work methodologies restructuring of its warehouses. This decision is inserted in a response strategy to the growing market needs, in order to reinforce its competitive capacities and provide a continuous improvement of customer service.

Frissul provides logistic services, therefore, it knows better than anybody the benefits that can be taken from an outsourcing regime. Hence, it betted on a partnership with IS.Retail, hiring the WPMS in ASP (Application Service Provider) regime, also known as On-demand software or SaaS (software as a service).
The SaaS is an innovative business model, not very known in Portugal yet, where a software supplier, in this case IS.Retail, sells not only the software itself, but the use service of that same application. It is a warehouse outsourcing.

– This type of relationship is characterized by the fact that the service provider (the ASP):
– owns entirely the application (software) and is responsible for its good functioning;
– owns services where the application runs, and is also responsible for its good functioning and maintenance;
– offers its customers access to the application usually through the Internet or VPN;
– service payment is made based on the use (in the logistic case on the quantities moved) or with a month fee or through a mixed system, as usual in any type of outsourcing;

Frissul and IS.Retail are certain that they have established a winner partnership, believing that this business model will provide them a conjunct work, from which will result the reinforcement of the position that Frissul occupies in refrigeration logistic operators in the national market.

During the first six months, Frissul extended the WPMS use to seven of its customers, resourcing exclusively to his project internal team.
Currently Frissul uses WPMS  at two distribution centres to manage the logistics of about 50 customers.