In a merchandise delivery activity, logistic efficacy is very important, hence, to own a Warehouse Management System (WMS), is fundamental to ensure an efficient service. This was the reasoning that induced the decision to implement a WMS in Recheio Food Service platforms, where the priority is to have a high level of customer service. Why was there a need to change?

The former tool presented little flexibility in differentiate treatment of items and customers, lack of some functionalities and no treatment of great volumes of necessary information. The alternative found was to opt for a specialized WMS that could replace entirely the previous system, in order to gain efficiency and respond to the market needs – point out that the delivery quality is fundamental for certain segments of the HORECA canal.

Since WPMS works in an independent way, Recheio ERP integration did not present any difficulty. Quickly, WPMS communicates with the ERP to receive goods, customers, suppliers, documents to send the respective answers. All warehouse activities and work methodologies will be done in the external WMS, therefore, totally independent from the ERP.

By adopting the WPMS system, we want to improve service level paid to our customers, increase productivity and enlarge platform capacity.
From now on, WPMS, resourcing to radio frequency technology, will be responsible for managing and controlling of all warehouse tasks, from merchandise movement to automatic attribution of operators’ tasks.

Therefore, management team will be able to focus on planning, think about business development and dedicate itself to the search of opportunities to improve the operation’s global performance.
The implied automation in this new way of managing processes leads to the elimination of administrative tasks, the anticipation of activities and reduction of the processes’ total times.

To achieve a higher productivity, internal processes should be redesigned in an efficient way. Storage space must be well profited and courses well planned so that the operators can easily execute their tasks, without any time waste in unnecessary routes.
We have registered improvements in productivity superior to 30%.
With the WPMS implementation service level increased from 95.5% to 97.7%.

The WPMS system was selected by Recheio because it presented a wide range of configuration possibilities, allowing the fusion between the “best logistic practices” and business specificity and Food Service operation in the platforms. All our new customers will be able to benefit from the results of this new warehouse management system.
Recheio Cash & Carry Information Systems Director