Pingo Doce

Lidosol is the company responsible for the supply of Pingo Doce stores located in the Madeira and Porto Santo islands.

This Project was an extension of previous projects to another company from Group Jerónimo Martins, located in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, with logistic platforms that supply Pingo Doce stores in l Madeira and Porto Santo islands.

The project presented several challenges regarding the fact that warehouse is located in an island, where around 90% of the products are delivered by boat, in maritime transport containers. This implies that, apart from the small regional suppliers, supply is done only twice a week, so it is fundamental to have merchandise available as soon as possible for the picking.

In terms of architecture, the fact that WPMS’s base technology is not very sensible to small breaks in communications, has allowed us to use the same installation formerly made for Gestiretalho (now JMR) and located in the Continent.

The customer’s level of satisfaction is extremely high, possessing the excellence of IS.Retail teamwork, recognized by the JMR Executive Commission.
In terms of indicators, the first six months after the roll-out reached a reduction of the staff of about 56% and a level of customer service of 99.6%.