“Montebravo is a logistics provider specializing in the logistics of fresh meat, having been selected to make the logistics operation for Auchan.

Montebravo selected WPMS as his warehouse management system because meets the need for configuration flexibility, allowing easy integration with the his customer central system and enabled the assembly of a logistics operation where tasks execution is fundamental, but with guarantees of maintaining a high degree of product traceability of the various operations performed.

Being a medium-sized operation, has a high demand given the nature of products handled and the fact that it is supported completely in flow-through (JIT), without keeping stock, having to deliver every day to all Auchan stores throughout the country, from a single logistic platform.

Since it is new operation, there were no reference values for performance indicators, but during the first year of activity, there has been a very positive evolution with high rates of satisfaction both from Montebravo  and Auchan Administration.”