Permanent Customer  Support  Service

In order to provide a permanent support to our customers, IS.Retail offers three contact lines, where our team answers all doubts or necessary interventions, in order to assure the stability and availability of the warehouse management system.

Both services are included in the annual maintenance plan.

Customer Service
Available during the normal business hours, where you will find the correct answer to sporadic technical or functional doubts.
Remote Intervention Service
Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for the resolution of situations that endanger the normal functioning of the logistic platform.

Operational Support Portal

CRM system specialized in managing the relationship between software house and its customers. This is the “ticket system” where the client reports incidents and requests for clarification and the support team responds on a common platform, ensuring the traceability of all matters and transparency. Customers receives ongoing feedback of the actions being taken by our team of technicians and consultants through their email in-box.