Training in Parametrization Techniques
Since parametrization is the mean by which the mapping of the processes defined in the warehouse management application is done, training in this area is fundamental to ensure the customer’s autonomy, regarding future adjustments to define flows and/or take new processes into practice.
In the knowledge transference process, from IS.Retail to the customers, the apprehension of the application main concepts is fundamental because it allows to provide the customer’s technical/functional team with the knowledge that allows to shape the WPMS according to present and future needs.

It is this way customers can take advantage of the WPMS’s flexibility. Our product is not static, it can be adjusted and remodelled, and it can achieve more complexity and allows the activation of the functionalities that were not included in the initial parametrization. Therefore, it can grow according to the level of demand of the logistic operation.

We have a team of competent trainers who perform training in room, locally with the customer, where are explained different mechanisms available to execute combinations of processes, in order to attain distinct results in terms of information and physical movement of the merchandise in warehouse flows.

It is, without a shadow of doubt, an assured return on investment.
Trainers’ Training
In terms of implementation project, we usually recommend our customers that practice and training consists in a direct interaction between our trainers’ team and a small trainers’ team appointed by the customer.
In our understanding, this format has the advantage of providing bigger warranties of knowledge transfer between IS.Retail and the customer. It is easier to transfer concepts and different functionalities and a small trainers’ team (usually permanent members in the project), who get a global view of the application, than having the same knowledge scattered by different groups of users, each one with a WPMS’s narrow vision.

This type of training is done when all the parametrization tasks associated to processes defined with the customer in the project scope are concluded. It consists in training courses that happen in the workplace, trying to recreate, in the room, situations identical to the ones experienced daily in the operation.

Final Users’ Training
The final users’ direct training is done with a quite more pragmatic approach, according to the functional scope of each hierarchical level. The main goal is to prepare each person for the performance of his tasks, in the new warehouse management system, integrating with the rest of the team.