Business Consulting for the Logistic Area and the Supply Chain

In order to take maximum advantage of the introduction of the new warehouse management software, it is necessary to analyse the existent logistic processes, in order to find the congestions and weak points of each one and, hence, attain a significant improvement of the global performance of the logistic operation.

In a typical project, our team of consultants recollects and defines along with the customer, the goals to attain with the implementation so that, later, all the effort is directed to its fulfilment.

Once the goals are established, the reformulation work of the different processes begins, eliminating all the redundant tasks, increasing the control f the critical operations and lightning the most vulnerable steps to congestions motivated by a rise of the moved quantities. In this phase, we always try to take into account the growth perspectives in medium term, in order to provide the new logistic processes with the capacity of efficient response to future challenges.

The result of this work will be the base for the WPMS’s parametrization, in order to deliver all the requirements generated by the processes re-engineering. This is when we can take advantage of all the WPMS’s flexibility, configuring it in order to assure the accomplishment of all the defined processes, in each one of its steps.

When parametrization is concluded, it is up to the WPMS to manage the perfect coordination between the information and the goods flows, to do the necessary controls to reduce substantially the possibilities of error, distribute the work by the operators in a more efficient way and promote the necessary productivity gains in order to reduce the picking times of the tasks and/or increase the capacity installed.