Project Management

In partnership with the customers’ team, our consultants elaborate the implementation plan, defining the critical dates, the different stages of the project and the resources allocation to the different tasks, assuring the compliance of the established deadlines, in order to accomplish the goals as fast as possible.

It is also up to our consultants to help with the changing processes.The implementation of a new warehouse management system is usually accompanied by a re-engineering of the projects, which lead to significant changes in the work methodologies and, often, to restructuring within the organization itself.

Promote significant changes is not an easy task, because internal resistances are sometimes immobilisers. In a changing process there is a technical component that is solved with the processes’ consulting, and a human component that needs to be equally managed and watched carefully. Many projects fail, or remain very far from what was intended because the change was not well managed, because the individuals were forgotten.

Our consultants are used to deal with several types of resistance felt on different levels of the organization, knowing how to interact with the customers’ team, in order to break natural resistances and mobilize and motivate the team to attain the goals proposed for the implementation.