Systems Implementation

 The implementation of a new information system represents a significant event in an organization.
It’s, simultaneously, a moment of great opportunities and expectations and great fears and resistances, so it is necessary to take precautions and minimize the impact on the logistic operation and remaining organization normal functioning.
During the implementation it is necessary to take into account several aspects, from which depend the level of success and return on investment undertaken by our customers.
General rule, in an implementation project it’s necessary to point out a team chosen by the customer, composed by key users, who respond according to the requirements of each area that they represent. On the other hand, IS.Retail offers competent consultants who, along with the customer’s team, will perform all tasks, in order to assure a better return resultant of the introduction of the new information system.

The teams can be more or less extensive, according to their dimension, complexity of the logistic processes or level of change that one intends to consolidate.

In this scope, the services offered can be grouped in three major blocs: project management, business consulting  and specific development of functionalities, to satisfy the requirements related to the specific needs of each customer.