Entirely Multilingual

 In the globalization context living nowadays, more particularly in the corporate world, it’s indispensable that a language isn’t a barrier for the communication.

The WPMS appears naturally, as a product for warehouse management where all its technical and functional components are entirely multilingual, without any limit for the number of languages in which it can be translated. Currently, it’s available in Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), English, Italian and Spanish.

In the WPMS, the concept of multilingual applies to the user and not with any installation, both in the fixed and mobile radio frequency components. This way, each user can chose any of the languages available, accessing to all the application in the chosen language (even the descriptions defined by the client), and there is no problem in maintaining an installation that works for several countries, the resources having several origins.

Since our integration in the European Union, where the mobility of human resources is more and more a reality and, where companies’ internationalization is more stimulated, it will be surely an extra value to make use of a warehouse management system that, without additional effort can be used in several countries in their official languages.