Centralized and On Going Upgrades

In the WPMS building process, IS.Retail’s team promoted a perfect separation between the product’s internal component (exclusive maintenance responsibility of the company) and the component destined to the customer’s own management, trough the parametrization and definitions in the operational scope. The maintenance of this separation is crucial in order to offer the systems’ upgrades quickly, central and without any impact in the normal functioning of the logistic operation.

In terms of information systems’ upgrades developed in a client-server philosophy, we can consider three different types of upgrades: packages with corrections, new functionalities and improvements in the product’s “usability”.
In both cases, modifications can be applied with the system working normally because the upgrade process does not require the machine to shut down. For the customer’s component (in the client-server philosophy), of graphic interaction with the application, the WPMS presents the huge advantage of not requiring any specific installation in the workstations, in both modules (fixed and mobile radio frequency).
The use of browsers allows the upgrades to be applied centrally, and these are available immediately for all users, regardless of their geographical location and if they are working with the computers or radio frequency terminals.

This upgrades integration technique allows considerable savings of resources, means and time interrupting the operation, making it possible to attain high levels of availability of the application for their users. In a business where time is extremely precious and where the work is continuous, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, is certainly an extra value for the business.
In order to respond to IS.Retail commitment of maintaining in  the WPMS a high regenerative and evolving capacity, maintaining also a good upgrade rhythm of the application, we offer our customers a highly efficient tool to integrate the product’s upgrades, without questioning the WPMS availability on the operational level.

In a market where the business needs and requirements change at an incredible rhythm, the response capacity often determines the organizations level of success. This pressure is particularly felt in the logistic world, often accused of relieving the aspirations and challenges placed by the organizations that they serve.
 IS.Retail follows closely all the challenges placed to this sector, maintaining a strict connection with its customers, in order to detect new needs and ways to improve the logistic processes.