Quick Learning

 The fact that the WPMS has been entirely conceived and designed from scratch, using the latest technology specific for web environments, has given it all the dynamics of navigation typical of the browsers.
IS.Retails’ developing team keeps a continuous effort for the integration and coexistence of several navigation techniques, in order to provide a short learning period, offering a intuitive and easy learning product.

In the WPMS there have been adapted various navigation techniques to the different types of tasks in a logistic operation. In the standard navigation menus, as well as in the contextual menus and buttons we have privileged the use of the mouse. This type of navigation has shown to be more suitable for the use of a wider group of functions. In this type of tasks the quick use is not as critic, the tasks are less repetitive and more complex and the graphics make the comprehension easier.

In the other end, we have the chance of navigating making intensive use of the keyboard, recurring to the function keys and short-cuts to navigate. This type of navigation is often preferred in the operational environments, where each user makes use of a reduced group of routine actions and the picking speed of is a determinant factor. In these environments, the use of the mouse is an additional resistance, for several factors, among them the work conditions themselves.

The mobile component of the application, which works in radio frequency terminals, has a navigation component extremely directed, so that the tasks’ picking can be simple and presented step by step, in order to control the level of mistakes and reduce the picking times.
The messages presented to the operators can be parametrized, so there is no need for complex menu schemes. Hence, in spite the use of mobile terminals with graphic features is actually quite common, the operations in the mobile application are performed with the use of the main keys.
Given the developments in mobile terminals, our application has evolved to take advantage of tactical screens, so you get a faster interaction with the mobile application.

In the module Voice Picking, dialogues have been optimized to reduce the minimum time necessary to perform the dialogue associated with the movement of goods and in this way to increase productivity.
IS.Retail customers have reported high satisfaction levels with the quick learning, especially with the mobile application, which allows them to maintain excellent levels of global productivity for the operation, even in periods with more job rotation regarding the staff responsible for the operations.