Integrationa| Safe Interfaces

The WPMS consists of an application with a high level of specialization in the logistic area, therefore needing to interconnect with the remaining information systems architecture existent in the companies, in order to receive and send information.
Considering this situation, one of IS.Retail’s development teams concerns is to enhance their product for warehouse management with excellent capacities to interface with other systems, both upstream and downstream their performance area, in order to obtain a perfect integration with the customer’s Supply Chain structure.
 In order to ensure the WPMS’s integration with the remaining applicational layer of their customers, IS.Retail provides, with the application, a set of standard tools, in order to obtain an absolute synchronization and, in real time, of all the relevant data.

There is a module with standard messages incorporated in the WPMS, which allows the communication with other systems, where the WPMS receives distinct information, namely, article, vendors and customers master data, customers’ sales orders, vendors purchase orders among others and gives back the systems external stock movements and answers to documents.
In case the standard module doesn’t cover all the needs, IS.Retail offers his technical team, with a wide experience in the study, development and implementation of robust and safe interfaces among various systems, to complete all interfaces scenario.

This flexibility and knowledge accumulated, in interfaces, will constitute surely an extra value particularly interesting for the logistic operators who, given the own nature of the business, are daily confronted with the need to exchange information with their customers’ several information systems.

The WPMS offers stability to manage logistic platforms, no matter how different are the systems with which it interacts, in order to ensure the operators’ customers the transparency and visibility of the logistic operation.

The systems typology with which the WPMS  might exchange information doesn’t constitute a limitation, because in IS.Retail’s history there are projects with highly complex systems such as the SAP/R3, relational databases and projects more simple, constituted by Cobol files indexed.