Innovative Product

The WPMS is certainly one of the recent warehouse management systems existent in the market, having been entirely conceived and developed by IS.Retail.

IS.Retail began the conception phase of the WPMS in 2001 and, at present, this product is responsible for the management of the whole logistic operation of one of the major retail distribution groups in Portugal.
In the development of the WPMS we have proceeded to new technologies, every time these could contribute significantly for the value creation in a logistic operation, without never neglecting the safety matters and product stability.
Since this is a new software, and not the reformulation of a pre-existent product, it was developed based on Web technology and a Client/Server philosophy. In practical terms, the application runs in any browser, both in its fixed and mobile components (radio frequency terminals), without needing to install the GUI (Graphic User Interface) in every users’ workstation.

The use of browsers as a way to interact with the central application presents advantages at various levels: easy navigation (which we will approach in the Quick Learning item), simplification of Upgrades processes and great freedom in hardware selection, during the systems’ architecture definition process.

This freedom of choice is particularly interesting in the mobile component, where there is a great variety of suppliers and radio frequency terminal models, with very distinct technical and ergonomic characteristics and with equally differentiate associated costs.

Considering that mobile hardware component is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) consumer of financial resources of a typical project, it will be surely a surplus value to offer the customer total freedom of choice. The only technical requirement that the WPMS demands is that mobile terminals support a graphic browser.

The solution of “Voice Picking”  is a partnership with Voice global market leader. This solution are fully integrated with warehouse manegement software.
The integration of new Technologies has allowed the development of a product not very demanding regarding hardware and with a big resistance in the treatment of big volumes of information, maintaining excellent performance levels (response time).

IS.Retail offers with the WPMS a global solution for the logistic sector, with an extraordinary coverage of functionalities, reduced times of implementation and a very attractive global cost for the project, in comparison with the rest of the alternative available in the market.