The WPMS is endowed with an extremely high flexibility regarding the configuration and parametrization of its components (fixed or mobile), in order to support, without obstacles, the predefined processes.
During the development of the several concepts that compose the application, there was a permanent concern in maintaining a high level of freedom, regarding the way each good and information flow can be defined in a logistic operation. This way, it is possible to ensure a different treatment for each group of products, in order to provide the customer a better service with the most competitive price.
In terms of adaptability, this concept was extended, beyond what we can usually find in these software’s, and applied in more central areas of the application, namely in the warehouse layout definition, in the definition of the movements structure, in the division between the different types of stocks and in the several types of documents. This approach facilitates not only the implementation of the processes but also the integration optimization of the WPMS in the customer’s global architecture.
The WPMS is the practical demonstration of the possibility to combine flexibility and resistance. It’s unbelievably flexible in the configuration and parametrization areas but, during the picking processes , it constitutes a guarantee that all the users will execute their tasks, respecting the way these were designed.
The WPMS’ great flexibility allows the development, in a conjunct work with the customer’s team, of various solutions, according to the specific needs of each goods group. This adaptability is accomplished without resourcing to extra programming (specific of the customer) and therefore, without penalizing the projects implementation costs and without raising the global solution level of complexity.

The WPMS is a software that, although recent, has given proofs of its value and efficiency and capacity to generate capital gains, which will provide an accelerate return on the investment, endowing the logistic operations with a high capacity to respond to our customers’ growing demands.