SaaS (On Demand)

It is an innovative business model, not yet publicized in Portugal, where a software vendor, in this case IS.Retail, do not sells  the software itself through licensing, but the service of using the application. It is a software outsourcing.
This type of relationship is characterized by the fact that the service provider (the IS.Retail):

  • Take full ownership of the application (software) and it is responsible for its proper functioning,
  • Be responsible for proper operation and maintenance of the servers where the application runs,
  • To provide access to the application of its customers usually via the Internet or VPN
  • Payment for the service is based on use by a monthly variable “fee”

 In this approach you do not need to make an initial investment, followed by an additional annual cost for maintenance, but only makes a monthly payment proportional to the use of the application. The monthly variable “rent”  is calculated taking into account the specificities of each operation, so that the value adequately reflects the greater or lesser use of the application.