Warehouse Management System (WMS)

WPMS –Warehouse Physical Management System
The WPMS consists of a software designed entirely by IS.Retail, cut out for the management of all the operators’ movement (human resources) and goods’ physical movement inside a logistic platform, from goods receipt to  shipping.
In order to maintain strict control of all the tasks performed within a logistic operation and facilitate the communication between the users and the application, the WPMS resources to several technologies, namely, bar code reading (all types, including EAN 128 UCC), the use of radio frequency mobile terminals, a RFID tags reader and the use of terminals with voice recognition.

The WPMS was developed according to a group of guidelines, in order to assure a balanced conjugation between endurance and adaptability of the product to the specific needs of each customer. In the search for this balance it was not forgotten the need to maintain an easy and consistent communication between the application and the users.

The operational experience of IS.Retail’s team in the logistic area has highly contributed for the WPMS’s final performance. To maintain the harmony between the products’ technical component and operational needs of the business has been a constant concern. Only this way it is possible to provide the most efficient solutions for the matters, more and more demanding, presented by the companion’s logistic board of directors.

The WPMS is a specialized product targeted for 3rd party logistics provider (3PL), for companies that operate in large-scale distributors, with their own logistics, and to any industrial company where the logistic component plays a critical role in the business.
The WPMS is a product created to promote the logistic processes efficiency. It is flexible in the configuration phase, in order to adjust to the specific needs of each operation, but rigorous in the picking moment so it can allow a strict control of the costs and productivities.