Partner credited for the UK market, Juniper Innovations is head quartered in Swindon (England) and concentrates its activities in providing services IT strategy consulting  and project management. The company’s focus is to act with its clients to help their organizations increase the value they gain from the application of technology management activities.

Juniper operates in various sectors including Manufacturing, Logistics (retail, logistics and industry) and Maintenance, working closely with the senior management team of the clients in order to promote technological innovation.

Since 2010 that Juniper integrated the WPMS in its list of technology solutions, taking advantage of the potentialities of this tool to introduce new logistics approaches in the UK market.
Juniper Inovations

The GDS-Software per la Grande Distribuizone, is our partner to work the market in Italy. The GDS is head quartered in Marcon (Venice) and is dedicated to the design and software production, as well as the provision of expert consulting services to Retail Market.

Since 2010 the GDS maintain a close collaboration with IS.Retail, and the WPMS as a specialized WM that complements the platform ERP R / 3 SAP.

GDS s.r.l.