With the decision to implement a Quality Management System, based on the norm NP EN ISO 9001:2008, IS.Retail enhances the quality of its management, with a clear and structured definition of its quality policy, formalization and structuring of its processes and firm commitment to continuous improvement as an objective shared by each element of the management team.
The selection of the certifying entity TÜV Rheinland was due to the IS.Retail strategic option of internationalization. To achieve this goal is essential to ensure the strict adherence to high quality standards that guarantee full satisfaction of our customers’ needs.

Document Digital Signature and SAFT-PT File
The IS.Retail in 2010 took the decision to obtain the the DGCI certification in respect of the digital signature of the billing documents and the extraction of files SAFT-PT made in accordance with Ordinance No. 363/2010 of 23 June and Ordinance No. 321 – A/2007 of 23 March, respectively.

It was an internal decision, since the legal framework of the time did not require this certification for the typical customer of our software for warehouse management, because when there is a sale that is not made to de final customer.
Our decision to move to the certification was based on three factors:

  • Guarantee our customers the security and integrity of data as well as full compliance with the law in force.
  • Ensuring that we would not be surprised by the evolution of the business portfolio of a client, which would require the certification of our software.
  • Anticipating the possible and probable legislative change to broaden the criteria and the type of documents covered by the mandatory digital signature and file extraction SAFT-PT.

The 2010 decision to certify WPMS, assures us that by changing the legislative framework in this area, brought about by decree No. 22-A/2012 of January 24 and subsequent Circular Letter No. 50000/2012, the Office of the Deputy General Inspection of Tax of 26 January 2012, our product to the warehouse management sector is already certified. We only need to extend the type of document to be signed.

AT - Auturidade Tributária e Aduaneira

IS.Retail collaborates with the Carbon Council

IS.Retail, a leading supply chain software, warehouse management and RFID system solution and data management provider has just joined the work of the European Supply Chain Institute (ESCI) ‘Supply Chain Carbon Council’.

Established in 2007, The Supply Chain Carbon Council works in partnership with global innovators from the technology and strategic advice sectors to tackle the issues surrounding carbon emissions management and reduction.

IS.Retail joins the Council as a Lead Sponsor of the multi year program promoting the application of RFID to ensure accurate tracking of emissions through the supply chain to product level. The program will also be highlighting the application of supporting Data Management technologies.
Data management provides the key to a Sustainable Supply Chain because “If You Can Measure It You Can Manage It.” As a result ESCI believes industry needs to apply more, not less ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) to the problem of Emissions Management. To realise its full business and environmental value, Product Level Carbon Footprinting will need to leverage ICT that enables efficient dynamic emissions monitoring and decisions support.

So for example, the ability of RFID/NFC (near field communication) Wireless Sensing to bring a high level of visibility to a products emissions output, at all stages in the Supply Chain will be unrivalled and should be harnessed on a global scale.
“To have an interrogatable label on all products that gives the true real time ‘Emissions Footprint’ of the product is invaluable to business and ultimately the consumer” comments John Connors, CEO of the European Supply Chain Institute.
“With the right education and data management support there is even greater potential for RFID to enable carbon emission tracking, streamline supply chains and in turn reduce emissions through green supply chain initiatives and activities. Consequently IS.Retail are delighted to join with the Carbon Council’s RFID/NFC Tracking Carbon Emissions project as their RFID Data Management and Middleware partner” comments Richard Knight, Managing Director of IS.Retail UK.

ESCI - The European Supply Chain Institute

Editors Note
The European Supply Chain Institute, ESCI, is a member body that researches areas that have a direct and positive impact on supply chain operations. The Supply Chain Carbon Council is administered by the Institute. The Membership of the Institute is predominantly at Senior Management level and represents cross-industry disciplines.