By the end of the 90’s, the logistic sector started to be target of major attention in Europe and particularly in Portugal.

A great dynamics was created, not only because of the entrance of some international logistic operators, but also with the answer of some national operations to the market’s growing demands, favourable to the introduction of new technologies and new work methods in the distribution centres.

Having exhausted all the gains proceeding from reformulations in the commercial approach, companies began to face logistic as a component that should be optimized.

With the adoption of a management perspective for the supply chain, logistics became target of great pressure to render a better service, with a lower cost. This means work faster, with fewer errors and with higher productivity.

In this context, amongst a group of colleagues of an Italian software house, the idea of taking advantage of this market opportunity to develop a new specific software for the logistic area began to take shape. They wanted to start from scratch, in terms of conception, in order to take maximum advantage of the new technologies and not having to deal with commitments, which necessarily appear when you are trying to evolve from an already existent base.

IS.Retail  was then created with the participation of a “resident” component in Italy, proceeding from another software house, but has gradually declared its independence and one year later the project started to be developed entirely in Portugal.

We have taken advantage from the union between the existent experience with other software and the business knowledge, which existed in the team who launched the company.

Under these circumstances, we had the conviction that we would be able to create an innovative product and with the capacity to respond to the growing demands that the logistic sector was being target of, a bit everywhere.

IS.Retail is, nowadays, one of the few Portuguese companies, entirely dedicated to the development of specialized warehouse management software.

We initiated the product’s conception phase in 2001 and, now, we are supporting all the logistic chain of one of the biggest retail distribution groups in Portugal.

We possess a great flexibility in terms of conception and development (our commitment is clearly with the future and not with the past), and we reassure our commitment in the continuous improvement and extension of our product, in order to provide our customers, the widest range possible of innovative and efficient solutions.